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April1, 2014
May 6, 2014
held at the Osterville Library at 7pm

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The OVA is

"a nonprofit organization formed for the purpose of  acting as a non-partisan civic organization to encourage and aid all year round & seasonal residents of the Village of Osterville and to work together for the best interests of the Village."

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Agenda for April 1 2014

  Winter 2014 Osterville Record

Winner of Town Council Race; James Crocker

√  Barnstable Historical Commission - Public Hearing - Tuesday, Oct. 15 at 4 p.m. Town Hall, Selectmens Conf Room All are welcome to attend and comment. Matter at hand: the demolition of Midway Garage to build 16 condos.

About 40 Osterville residents shared plenty of ideas for improvements they would like to see at the Osterville Bay Fields during a design workshop Aug. 12. more...

The nearly two and a half-year effort to make changes in Barnstable’s property ordinances finally ended last week with the Town Council passing the last two of the original so-called “problem properties” ordinances on the 11th try in 10 months, more...

Armstrong-Kelley Park needs volunteers to help with maintenance, PLEASE if you have some time email Larry Evans.

The  OVA is looking for new members - get involved with YOUR community. Read letter from President

√ Read The Article from Barnstable Patriot Oct. 29th, Osterville Oasis is Reborn
Please don't forget to visit the new beautiful Cotachesset Park! We still need donations in order to finish the project, please send to OVA P.O. Box 520, Osterville MA 02655.
It was suggested that we deed the park over to the town so that the maintenance could be covered by the town

   The OVA would like to thank the following people for their generous donations towards the completion of Cotocheset Park:

Eleanor Anderson
Antonia Bellanca
Paul Chesbro
Jack Conley
Jean Crosby
Holbrook Davis
Warren and Barbara Hansen
Gayle and Pat Hans
Bruce Harding
Jack Ingraham
Kinlin Grover Real Estate
Tom Leckstrom
Tiffany and Keith Markoski
Carolyn Rowland
Albert Shultz
Melissa and Joe Tavilla
Sheila Thomas
Marie Taylor
Richard Tentyck
Gail Vincent
Frank Ward
RobertPaul Properties
Doreve Nicholaeff
Aimee Guthinger
Faith E. Priest
Seaport Village Realty
Richard C.B. Clark
Pete and Joan Melchiono